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There can be only one we said, and that was true. We had one T-Shirt to giveaway. The number of participants was high, but as mentioned, there could be only one Premium winner. Congratulations To Sander van Schaik who was thrilled to learn that he won! The beard you see on him now grew in just under ten weeks with the Premium Beard Oil and Balm he uses. We wish Sander lots of Premium moments with his T-Shirt and hope he will join our future contests as well.

Sander van Schaik (left) receiving his Premium T-shirt from 13premiumbeardcare.com founder Richard de la Penha (right)


Marcel Drews
Posted on  19/01/2018 20:20 Too bad I did not win that Premium T-shirt! I guess I’ll just get me one from your store... Are you planning any new contest any time soon?
Posted on  21/01/2018 06:48 Hi Marcel, Yes, as a matter of fact, we are discussing a new contest internally. It should be live in a couple of weeks. So, make sure you watch our site and our social media!

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