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My name is Richard de la Penha from Amsterdam, the Netherlands, I am the Founder of 13premiumbeardcare.

I just turned 60, but feel like I’m still in my 20’s. My hobbies are tattoos, listening to music, growing a beard and fitness. I work as a Volunteer in a Rehabilitation Centre for disabled people as a fitness instructor. I carried a beard for the good part of my life, but mostly a short one. In recent years I let my beard grow long and found out that there are a lot of beard care products, some good, some not so good.

It is all about the quality

The quality of the last beard-care products I used left me unimpressed. So, I started doing some research about making beard oil and balm. One of the things I found disappointing in most products, is the fact that they didn't last long in the beard. Neither the scent nor the nourishment, so I started to make a range of scents that last all day AND gives you the protection and care you want for your great beard!

So how did that go

I took all the best sorts of cold pressed, biological oils like Argan, Jojoba, Macadamia and Grapeseed oil in the right amount to ensure you the best Premium care you deserve, so it last long adds a lot of Vitamins (A, E and B ) and is a great quality product.

100% biological

Earlier I mailed some pictures of the formulation process to one of our Customers and he was surprised that it's all handmade! Well, of course, it is! It's not a Marketing tool, all the products are formulated and produced by myself, in small batches and all 100% biological.

Whats next

My goals for the coming period is to get a solid brand name in the beard care Market. I am still doing Product development for the best products possible daily. With the launch of this website, we are also launching a new product! Premium beard soap, a great new addition to our product line… and like all my products, handmade from natural oils.

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